Brands: Daiso(100 yen shop)

Almost all the household goods are available for 1 coin (100 yen).

Daiso is a shop chain which offers all the products basically at 100 yen (1 coin) . The items dealt are various kinds such as cosmetics, plateware,cookware, household goods, stationary, or foodstuff. Since these products are of high quality and you are able to purchase all at surprisingly low price, 100yen shop chains are very popular in Japan. Also new items are replacing on the shelf one after another, that's why customers discover new items every time they visit the shop to create next customer visit opportunity. G-7 Group operates Daiso shops as a franchisee.

  • GroceriesGroceries
  • Cups and platewaresCups and platewares
  • Cold drinksCold drinks

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    1-6, Yasakadai 3-chome, Suma-ku, Kobe, Hyogo, Japan
    Phone: +81-78-797-7708  Fax: +81-78-797-7718

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