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Brands: Megumi no Sato (Direct market for agri-products)

Selling safe and secured vegetables raised with care
As farmers directly bring in, we offer fresh agri-products at a reasonable price.

"Megumi no Sato" represents agri business of G-7 Group. The direct market which sells safe, secured and delicious vegetable farmers raised with care is called Megumi no Sato. As farmers directly bring in by-passing traditional interim distribution path, we are able to supply fresh agri-products cutting interim margin.

For this system consumers can purchase local fresh agri-products at a reasonable price, and feel assured to see who produced or where produced at the time of purchase. This style is more and more popular in Japan.
Megumi no Sato also provide support to farmers to create stable income or rewarding as well as supplying fresh vegetable at a reasonable price.

  • Fresh fruitFresh fruit
  • Fresh vegetableFresh vegetable
  • Fresh flower and garden treeFresh flower and garden tree

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