Brands: Ryohin Kaikan(Comprehensive shop of used goods)

The item you don't need any more should be refurbished to respond to the needs of someone else at a reasonable price. Ryohin Kaikan is a comprehensive shop of used goods.

G-7 Group operates Ryohin Kaikan, which is a comprehensive shop of used goods, as a franchisee. We deal with a wide varieties of goods such as home electronics, PC equipments, AV equipments, high end brand labeled goods, apparel, household goods, furniture, sport goods, musical instruments, TV games, toys, kids items, or office supplies.
With both eco-friendly perspective and more reasonable prices than new items, reuse market is being expanding.

  • Home electronicsHome electronics
  • ApparelApparel
  • FurnitureFurniture

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    1-6, Yasakadai 3-chome, Suma-ku, Kobe, Hyogo, Japan
    Phone: +81-78-797-7708  Fax: +81-78-797-7718

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