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G7 AGRI JAPAN CO., LTD. : Farmer-Consumer Direct Market Business

Megumi no Sato is a popular and bustling market where the farmers and customers are directly connected. We aim to build an agri-business to support the farmers by buying from them and directly delivering guaranteed safe and fresh farm products to the customers.

Corporate Data

Company Name
July 13, 2009
50 million yen
Michio kawabe
1-6, Yasakadai 3-chome, Suma-ku, Kobe, Hyogo, Japan
Phone: +81-78-792-4831  Fax: +81-78-792-8315


Megumi no Sato Business

In a direct market the consumers get to buy the agri-products directly from the local farmers. All the products are freshly picked every morning, and therefore they are trusted to be affordable, delicious, safe and good for the health.
The products are labeled with the date and place of production, as well as the name of the producer. Each product is meticulously checked before being delivered to the customers.
With our theme "Direct Selling", our basic policy is to work wholly with agriculture through direct market, supplying agricultural materials, and selling the farm products. We endeavor to help and support the farmers for them to have a stable and possibly increasing income so they would have quality lifestyle.

Megumi no Sato Farm

Growing farm products under our own brand
We grow our own food on 10,000 square meters of farmland and sell it directly at Megumi no Sato locations. We also provide hands-on agricultural experiences and rental farms.

Farms and Businesses in Southeast Asia

G7 Agri Japan started the experimental cultivation of vegetables on a farm owned by a joint venture in Myanmar and plans to start growing flowers on a farm in Vietnam and supplying these flowers to Megumi no Sato markets in Japan. The company will also try to develop a sales route in Vietnam for these flowers.

Restaurant Business

Shunsai Buffet Megumi
Serves delicious side dishes using fresh and safe materials and ingredients provided by Megumi no Sato.

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