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G-7 AUTO SERVICE CO., LTD.: We provide total car-life services.

G-7 AUTO SERVICE operates its stores under the concept of "Total Car Lifestyle Support," which aims to provide customers with a wide selection of merchandise and plenty of information about how to make their driving experience more exciting and comfortable. High-quality "pit-stop" services are also available.

Corporate Data

Company Name
January 11, 2006
380 million yen
Tatsumi Kaneda
Keizo Nishimura
1-6, Yasakadai 3-chome, Suma-ku, Kobe, Hyogo, Japan
Phone: +81-78-797-7701  Fax: +81-78-797-7711


Automobile Accessories

National Car Parts Brand While focusing on Autobacs as our primary, we have become involved in businesses related to all aspects of automobiles and contribute to make driver's total car lives better.

Vehicle Inspection, Repair, Maintenance, and Body Work & Paint

Autobacs offers periodic inspection services for your car as well as installing tires, wheels, mobile electronics and other products purchased in our store. Various pit menus, including oil changes, automatic transmission fluid changes, wheel alignment, coolant and differential fluid maintenance services are available. We are driven to be a shop you can totally rely on for your car's maintenance. Autobacs quality ensures your driving more enjoyable and confident.
We also offer quick and good service for Japanese mandatory car inspection in "Hayawaza Shaken" and high quality body work & paint services in "BP Center".

Car Trading

In addition to sales of new and used cars, we appraise and buy used cars, based on an established system that customers can trust for accurate appraisal of quality and pricing.

AUTOBACS "Secohan Ichiba"

AUTOBACS "Secohan Ichiba" is a specialty store of second-hand automotive goods. It stocks a wide range of trade-in products from approximately 500 locations of the AUTOBACS Group nationwide, as well as factory outlet products from manufacturers.


AUTOBACS EXPRESS is a gas service and car-wash service station. Customers can get many driving and maintenance information while their cars are serviced. Customers can also select car goods and parts from a variety of selection at the adjoining AUTOBACS store.

"Crystal Seven" Carwash/Coating Service

Other car-related services include "Crystal Seven" hand car wash and coating services.

"Tire Senmonkan" Tire Shop

Tire Senmonkan offers and extensive lineup of tires from around the world, ranging from affordably priced tires to premier high-performance tires, meeting diverse customer needs.

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