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G7 JAPAN FOOD SERVICE CO., LTD. : Quality Food Business & Developing/Providing PB Products & Processed Foods

We provide various kinds of "delicious" and "joyful" excitement to everyone who seeks physical and mental richness to create a unique lifestyle through "food", in cooperation with business partners.
We develop and produce a broad variety of processed foods, including soybean paste (miso) and Japanese-style prepared foods, retort-packed foods, and pastries. And we carry out sales of these products to department stores, mail-ordered sales companies, and gift companies. Utilizing its product power, we also carry out developing of G-7 Group original PB products. With motto of safety and security to meet the customer's expectations and satisfaction, we aim for a "creative company for food and life" which can always impress our customers with selected products and contribute to the society.

Corporate Data

Company Name
October 10, 2014
10 million yen
Naoyuki Haruna
1-6, Yasakadai 3-chome, Suma-ku, Kobe, Hyogo, JAPAN
Phone: +81-78-794-1177  Fax: +81-78-794-3777
(Registered Head Office)
19-2, Yasakadai 5-chome, Suma-ku, Kobe, Hyogo, JAPAN


Selective Quality Food Business

In cooperation with business partners, we provide information concerning safe, secure and delicious foods. Being pleased to "make our food culture enjoyable", we will make every effort to meet our customer's expectations and satisfaction as an expert equipped with special knowledge about quality foods.
At Quality Food Business, quality foods are particularly selected from all over Japan and are introduced and sold to retail shops. Our quality foods contribute to boost their sales and produce remarkably superior shops.

Development of G-7 Group Original PB products & processed foods
The G-7 Group is both making achievement in everything from planning to wholesale sales of a broad variety of PB products and processed foods.
The group company was the first in Japan to develop cup soybean soup (miso-shiru), ceramic pot boiled rice dish sets for use in micro-wave ovens, and brown sugar citric acids. We constantly strive toward strengthening of food-related enterprises to bring forth a synergy effect between the product power and the sales/service powers of the G-7 Group enterprises.

Japanese-style boiled foods
These are prepared foods made in the nostalgic old-fashoned mom's cooking (ofukuro no aji) style. They have firmly boiled-in flavors that are outstandingly delicious. Just warm up one of these main dishes whenever you want to by heating in boiling water or by micro-waving them.

A pot-boiled set that insists on no additives
Just mix the rice and the other ingredients together! They are real pot-boiled rice in a ceramic pot, so you can easily cook them in a micro-wave oven .

"Yoshoku"--- Japanese-style European food
The Japanese people has been localized some of European foods with Japanese ingredients since the Meiji Era(about 150 years ago), known as 'Kareiraisu'(curried rice), 'Tonkatsu'(cutlet), 'Cream stew','Omurice'(omelette rice), etc. We can serve you some of modern 'Yoshoku' , Japanese-style frozen foods here. Veloute Soup with blue mussel & vegetable Paella' cooked with fresh fish & shellfishes

Restaurant Business

Teppan Buffet Green's K
Self-service buffet restaurant, gives you an enjoyment of helping yourself with your choice of fresh meat and vegetables grilled on the iron plate. Enjoy it as much as you like.

Nanatsu no Ttsubo
Serves unique Okonomiyaki. (Okonomiyaki is Japanese popular pancake cooked on a hot plate with bits of meat, seafood and chopped cabbages, which is traditionally and mainly associated with Western Japan). Try such fluffy and savory Okonomiyaki you may call a Kobe style.

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