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Management Philosophy


  • Fulfill your wish (Always have your strong wish in your mind, then the wish would be accomplished)
  • Spontaneity, voluntary and independence

Management Philosophy

The mission of G-7 Group is that we will enrich customers' life style through sales of automotive businesses and services, food stuffs, and daily groceries on customer-comes-first basis.

  1. We always contribute to develop our local community exceedingly from sense of responsibility.
  2. We always operate our business based on customer creed and hands-on approach.
  3. We always bear in mind for safe, secure, and reliable corporate management.
  4. We always do our best to improve customer's satisfaction in order to continuously innovate.
  5. We always stand together with spirit of harmony.
  6. We always challenge to offer a service which would move customers.
  7. We always secure proper profit to operate shops and companies in order to keep offering quality services.
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