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Kamameshi Series

Made with selected Japanese ingredients only with no additives.

Our “Kamameshi Series” products enable anyone to easily prepare Japanese traditional pot rice dish with a microwave oven.

Kamameshi Series

Salmon Kamameshi

Contains much of fresh salmon captured around Hokkaido sea area. Japanese natural dashi (broth) draws out umami (good flavors and taste) of ingredients.

Scallop Kamameshi

Contains scallop captured around Hokkaido sea area. Full of flavors of ocean.

Bamboo Shoot Kamameshi

Contains Japanese soft top of bamboo shoot. Complete decent taste with Japanese natural dashi.

Chicken Kamameshi

Draws out umami of chicken from Kyushu and natural sweetness of vegetables.

Gomoku Kamameshi

Mixture of various vegetables grown in Japan. Reproduced Japanese homemade taste.

Easy preparation

Just mix the set in the picture, then put the pot into a microwave: ceramic pot, rice, and the retort packed ingredients and soup.

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