Grand open of a gas station “AUTOBACS Express NEW Tsuchiyama”

-G-7 Group is opening the 7 the gas station in Japan-

The subsidiary of G-7 Holdings, Inc. listed in the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange (Chairman and Representative Director: Mamoru Kinoshita; Securities Code: 7508), G-7 Auto Service Co., Ltd. (President and Representative Director: Tatsumi Kaneda; Kobe, Hyogo Pref. hereinafter referred to as G-7 Auto Service) opens a new gas station on Friday Feb.12, 2016: “AUTOBACS Express New Tsuchiyama.”
G-7 Auto Service is the leading corporate member of AUTOBACS franchised by AUTOBACS Seven Co., Ltd. (Representative Director and Chief Executive Officer: Setsuo Wakuda), and G-7 Group now manages three AUTOBACS Express stores in Hyogo Prefecture, including the new location.
The new gas station is located by the “AUTOBACS New Tsuchiyama” which was open in 2006.

“AUTOBACS Express NEW Tsuchiyama” not only sells gasoline, light oil, and lamp oil, but also is specialized in car washing service. As it will invite customers to the adjacent AUTOBACS store, we will be able to sell car supplies and propose a range of installation services to customers who visit the store for fueling.
For three days from Friday, Feb. 12 to Sunday, Feb. 14. we will host an opening sale, “AUTOBACS Express NEW Tsuchiyama,” as first 300 customers purchasing 20 liters or more fuel will receive a microfiber cleaning cloth, while AUTOBACS point up card holders will receive a special discount for gasoline and light oil.
Based on our group policy of “‘creating a car lover’s paradise’ and practicing activities to win support and trust from customers,” we aim to create stores with which customers can consult everything about cars, such as car supplies, purchase/sales/inspection/maintenance, metal plate and painting.

[Autobacs Express New Tsuchiyama]

Store Name AUTOBACS Express NEW Tsuchiyama
Date of Opening Friday, Feb 12, 2016
Address 699-5, Hiraoka-cho, tsuchiyama, Kakogawa-city, 675-0104 Japan
Contact TEL. +81-(0)78-919-0107 / FAX. +81-(0)78-943-7611
Site Area 9,888 m2 (2,996 tsubo) <Total area>
Number of Pump Machines 3 (2 over 4 lanes for gasoline and light oil, and 1 over 2 lanes for lamp oil)
Store Hours 7:00-21:00
Closing Day Irregular
Management G-7 Auto Service Co., Ltd
President and Representative Director Tatsumi Kaneda

[Number of AUTOBACS affiliated stores operated by G-7 Auto Service Co., Ltd: 72] (As of Feb 12, 2016)

Number of AUTOBACS stores 61 stores
Number of Super AUTOBACS stores 2 stores
AUTOBACS Secohan Ichiba 2 stores
AUTOBACS Express 7 stores

[Total number of AUTOBACS group stores in Japan: 593] (As of Feb 12, 2016)

AUTOBACS 497 stores
Super AUTOBACS 75 stores
AUTOBACS Secohan Ichiba 9 stores
AUTOBACS Express 12 stores

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