G-7 Super Mart opened “GYOMU japan Higashikakogawa store”, the 20th store in Hyogo.

Kobe, Japan-A subsidiary of G-7 Holdings Inc., G-7 Super Mart Co., Ltd., (hereafter G-7 Super Mart) the largest affiliate of the Business-Oriented Food Supermarkets franchise chain, opens “Business Supermarket GYOMU japan Higashikakogawa store” in Kakogawa on 18 Feb.2016. G-7 Super Mart is now operating 119stores nationwide.

The newly open store, “Higashikakogawa” store is the 20th store in Hyogo. In spite of small sales floor, the store will aim for attracting more customers by stocking a wide variety of items, including low-priced daily delivered goods, private branded frozen foods, processed foods, confectionaries, and food materials, as well as fresh product and dressed meat shop “Terabayashi” tenanted in the store.


<Store Outline>
1. Name : Business Supermarket GYOUMU japan Higashikakogawa Store
2. Opening : Feb, 18, 2016
3. Location : 787-32 ,hiraoka-cho isshiki , Kakogawa-city ,Hyogo 675-0115
4. Contact : Tel. 079-437-7100 / Fax.079-437-7200
5. Sales floor : 134 Tsubo (442m2)
6. Business hours : 9:00 to 22:00
7. Holidays : None (except for New Year’s Day)
8. Sales target : 470 million yen/year
9. No. of employees : 20
10. Store manager : Takayuki Nagano

[Company Profile of G-7 SUPER MART CO. LTD.] (as of February 18, 2016)
Head Office : 4-8-1 Yasakadai, Suma-ku, Kobe, HYOGO 654-0161 Japan
President and Representative Director : Tsutomu Nakato
Capital : 405,950,000 JPY
Business Scope : Chain development of “Business Supermarket”
(Total 119 shops in Kanto, Chubu, Kansai, Kyushu and Hokkaido areas)

[Inquiries about this release]
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TEL: +81-(0)78-797-7707
E-mail : yoshinori.ooishi@g-7holdings.co.jp

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