G-7 AGRI JAPAN opend “Megumi no Sato Izumisano-nakasho store”, the 3rd store in Osaka.

Kobe, Japan-A subsidiary of G-7 Holdings Inc., G-7 AGRI JAPAN Co., Ltd., (hereafter G-7 AGRI JAPAN) will open a “Megumi no Sato” in Izumisano-nakasho Store on 3 Mar. 2016.

We, “Megumi no Sato”, a house brand farmer’s market, offer fresh, safe and assured agriproducts to the consumers by purchasing directly from the farmers to cutting intermediate margin.

The newly open “Izumisano-nakasho” store” will offer agriproducts such as fresh vegetables, fruits, flowers and rice, as also selected local products from Kyoto, Hyogo and Osaka.

We operate 12 stores in Hyogo, 4 stores in Nara , 1 store in Kyoto ,1 store in Mie and 3 stores in Osaka including this new store.
Megumi no Sato is now operating 21stores nationwide.


<Store Outline>
1. Name: Megumi no sato Izumisano-nakasho store
2. Opening: Mar. 3, 2016
3. Location: 1429-1 nakasho Izumisano-city OSAKA 598-0002 Japan
4. Contact: Tel. 072-464-0831
5. Sales floor: 285.73m2
6. Business hours: 9:00 to 22:00
7. Holidays: None (except for New Year’s Day)
8. Sales target: 200 million yen/year

[Company Profile of G-7 AGRIJAPAN CO. LTD.] (as of March 3, 2016)
Head Office: 3-1-6 Yasakadai, Suma-ku, Kobe, HYOGO 654-0161 Japan
President and Representative Director : Etsuaki Fukuda
Capital :50,000,000 JPY
Business Scope : Chain development of “Megumi no Sato”, farmers’ market
(Total 21 shops in Hyogo, Nara and Osaka)
Website : http://www.meguminosato.co.jp/

[Inquiries about this release]
Yoshi Oishi Public Relations, G-7 Holdings, Inc.
TEL: +81-(0)78-797-7707
E-mail : yoshinori.ooishi@g-7holdings.co.jp

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