Privacy Policy

The G-7 Group considers strict protection and appropriate management of personal information provided by customers to be one of its most important social responsibilities. Based on this awareness, the G-7 Group has established and adopted this Privacy Policy in order to strictly observe all applicable laws and regulations regarding the handling of personal information.
The Privacy Policy is subject to continued review and update as necessary. Personal information collected by Autobacs stores run by G-7 AUTO SERVICE CO., LTD. (a G-7 Group company) shall be handled in conformance with the Autobacs Group Privacy Policy. Personal information collected by Autobacs stores will be used to the extent necessary to undertake its own business activities, and will not be shared with other businesses undertaken by the G-7 Group.

  1. Collection and Usage of Personal Information by the G-7 Group (Non-Autobacs Businesses)
    The G-7 Group collects personal information from customers for the purposes of providing, improving and upgrading its services. The G-7 Group may also collect personal information for purposes including questionnaires, responses to inquiries and requests for information materials, recruiting, drawing and other campaigns/events related to its services. Personal information may also be collected for such purposes as providing members of the Group companies (except Autobacs members) with helpful promotional information, as well as information on products and services from other companies, in order to offer special benefits or privileges to members. Detailed information on the purposes of usage of personal information will be stated separately and expressly when such personal information is collected for the said events/campaigns and/or for use of special member services. The G-7 Group uses personal information collected from customers to the extent necessary for the expressly stated purposes. In any case in which the purpose of personal information usage is changed, the revised purpose will be announced on this Website or communicated to customers by other means. The G-7 Group will not use personal information for new purposes without the consent of the customers who supplied their personal information.
  2. Supply of Personal Information to Third Parties
    The G-7 Group will not supply or disclose personal information to any third party, other than its business partners, outsourcing vendors and subcontractors, except:
    1. When express consent is given by the customer who supplied personal information.
    2. When a legal disclosure order is received by the Group.
    3. When the information is required for protecting the life, health, property or other important interests of any person, and it is difficult to receive express consent from the customer in question.
    4. When the cooperation in disclosure of the information is required for administrative authorities, municipal organizations or their subcontractors to perform legally stipulated duties, and receiving consent from the customer in question may possibly obstruct their duties.
  3. Request for Disclosure, Amendments, Suspension of Use and Deletion of Personal Information
    The G-7 Group will respond to requests from customers for confirmation (disclosure) and/or amendments to the content of the personal information collected by the Group, or suspension of use or deletion of the said information as quickly as possible, only after confirming the identity of the requesting party, except when such requests may possibly have a significant negative impact on the appropriate execution of business or when the applicable law or regulations warrant non-disclosure.
  4. Outsourcing Personal Information Handling
    The G-7 Group may commission the handling of personal information to its partners/subcontractors, in order to accomplish the announced or notified purposes. If that is the case, the Group does its utmost to ensure appropriate selection, strict management and supervision of partners/subcontractors, in order to ensure the prevention of loss or leakage of personal information.
  5. Personal Information Protection
    The G-7 Group implements strict security measures to prevent loss and leakage of personal information, as well as illegal access and edit. At the same time, the G-7 Group provides education and training for its directors and employees necessary for observing laws and regulations regarding security of personal information.
  6. The personal information manager is in place at each department handling personal information, who works on appropriate management of the said information, as well as providing necessary staff education and training.
  7. The G-7 Group strictly observes all applicable laws and regulations regarding the handling and protection of personal information.
  8. Contact
    Please contact the following for inquiries regarding the content of the Privacy Policy and requests for disclosure, amendments, suspension of use and deletion of the personal information.
    G-7 HOLDINGS Inc.
    Tel : 078-797-7700
    Inquires by telephone are accepted during hours 9 through 12, and 13 through 17, every day except Saturdays, Sundays, National Holidays, and Year-end and New Year holidays.


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