Terabayashi opened “Terabayashi Higashikakogawa store”, the 14th store in Hyogo.

Kobe, Japan-A subsidiary of G-7 Holdings Inc., Terabayashi Co., Ltd., (hereafter Terabayashi),It’s a category killer of meat in fresh retail sale,opens “Tarabayashi Higashikakogawa store” in Kakogawa on 18 Feb.2016. Terabayashi is now operating 87stores nationwide.

The newly open store, “Higashikakogawa” store is the 14th store in Hyogo. I’ll get a large selection of a lot of meat goods from big pack volume goods for business user to goods for general homes and contribute to a customer in an area by goods making which fits a local customer, the selection and the price I tend to find.


<Store Outline>
1. Name : Terabayashi Higashikakogawa Store
2. Opening : Feb, 18, 2016
3. Location : 787-32 ,hiraoka-cho isshiki , Kakogawa-city ,Hyogo 675-0115
4. Contact : Tel. 079-435-4129
5. Sales floor : 10 Tsubo(33m2)
6. Business hours : 9:00 to 22:00
7. Holidays : None (except for New Year’s Day)
8. Sales target : 63 million yen/year
9. No. of employees :2
10. Store manager : Konishi

[Company Profile of Terabayashi CO. LTD.]
Head Office : 7-15 Kinko-cho , Kanagawa-ku ,Yokohama-city Kanagawa 221-0056 Japan
President and Representative Director : Isao Tamaki
Capital : 50,000,000 JPY
Business Scope : Retail sale of meat (Total 87 shops in Japan)

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