Frequently Asked Questions

About G-7

When was the company established?
G-7 HOLDINGS Inc. was established on June 18, 1976.
When was the company listed on Stock Market Exchange?
It was listed on the Osaka Securities Exchange in August 1996, and for Tokyo Stock Exchange it was in May 2001.

About Business results

When is the fiscal year end for G-7 HOLDINGS Inc.?
On March 31.
How can I confirm financial information?
You can check the latest financial result for Summary of Consolidated Financial Results.

About Stock

What is your securities trading code?
It is 7508. It accepts Loans for Margin Transactions
When is your record date for determination of dividends?
September 30 for interim dividend, and March 31 for final dividend.
Where can I contact with for stock procedure?
Please contact our Transfer Agent, Osaka Stock Transfer Agency of Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation, for any procedures such as to revise egistered address or account number, stock transfer or inheritance, or dealing of share less than one unit.
Please refer to General Stock Information.