Mid management plan

We have formulated a new mid-term management plan with the term ending March 2026, the 50th anniversary of our establishment, as its final year in which consolidated net sales of 250 billion yen and ordinary profit of 10 billion yen have been set as our numerical goals. We will make our utmost efforts by establishing clear targets for each company. We will establish the following specific plans and carry them out.

  1. Each operating company will strive to deliver increases in sales and profits and record-high results every fiscal year
  2. Each operating company must always achieve profit
  3. trive to have no unprofitable stores and reduce the total amount of losses to zero
  4. Aim for year-on-year increases in every two productivity indicators of net sales and gross profit per employee
  5. Profit growth rates in excess of sales growth rates must always be achieved
  6. Strive to develop new businesses and business formats with high investment returns
  7. Strive to open 50 to 70 new stores with high investment returns every fiscal year (store count to increase from 586 at the end of FY3/21 to 1,000 at the end of FY3/26, including G-7 Mall)
  8. Work to advance M&A deals and capital and business alliances
  9. Make every effort to strengthen recruitment and nurture and educate human resources (number of employees including temporary employees to increase from 7,746 at the end of FY3/21 to 14,000 in FY3/26)
  10. Promote ESG and SDGs measures
2025(Business year ending March 2026) Medium Term Business Targets for each businesses.

FY3/26 50th anniversary of foundation

Net sales:¥250bn
Ordinary income:¥10bn

Consolidated Group Sales from the Various Business Segments