Mid management plan

At G-7 group, a new growth strategy was formulated in April 2016 with the goal of creating a balance strategy for achieving 170 billion yen in sales and 7 billion yen in ordinary income by the 45th anniversary from our foundation (FY2021 ending at March 31). We will make our utmost efforts by establishing clear targets for each company. We will establish the following specific plans and carry them out.

1. Strengthening organizational and human capabilities

The Company aims to integrate sentiment within the group by bolstering collaboration of people, goods, and money among companies and achieving growth. It wants to unify the authority structure and enhance human capabilities through clarification of evaluation standards for individuals.

2. Creation of a growth strategy office for development of new businesses and formats

The Company intends to pursue further activities in the sweets business and other areas and develop new businesses and formats in Japan and other countries.

3. Holding founder’s seminar and Next Cabinet training seminars

The Company’s seminars to cultivate directors and executives aimed at training the next generation of leaders arrange the founder, current directors, and external speakers to foster managerial knowhow and develop human resources who will shoulder the group’s future.

4. Promoting M&A

The Company plans to make investments to reinforce domestic and overseas initiatives within the scope of cash flow.

5. Bolstering site development

The Company intends to work on openings that factor in detailed market surveys and investment efficiency so that it is capable of adding 30-40 stores a year.

6. Reinforcing overseas business in the Asian and ASEAN region

The Company is securing human resources from Southeast Asia. It has contracts with local schools to promote acceptance of students as technical trainees.
These efforts aim to expand existing businesses.

7. Securing human resources

The Company wants to hire more seniors (60-80 years old) and women. It is not restricting itself to existing normal-hour practices and introducing jobs that allow for selection of flexible working hours.

2020(Business Year Ending March 2021) Medium-Term Plan
for Consolidated Group Sales from the Various Business Segments

2020 (45th Anniversary of Founding)

Sales:170billion yen
Ordinary profit:7billion yen

Consolidated Group Sales from the Various Business Segments