Group Business

The Diverse Businesses and Business Segments of the G-7 Group

The G-7 Group is engaged in various fields of business, particularly franchisee businesses closely related to daily life, and seeks to provide service of ever higher quality in them.

We would like to explain the major businesses of the G-7 group.

Domestic Business


Providing a more enjoyable car life

Autobacs and
Car-Related Businesses

G-7 Auto Service mainly operates Autobacs, a nationwide brand of car supplies, and otherwise engages in diverse businesses related to cars, thus contributing to the total car life of drivers. It operates the following.

  • Autobacs stores
  • Super Autobacs stores
  • Autobacs Express gas stations
  • Hayawaza Shaken car inspection centers, which provide quick car inspections
  • Autobacs Cars outlets, which purchase and sell used cars
  • Crystal Seven car washing and coating centers
  • Autobacs Second-hand Market stores, which handle used automotive goods
  • Techno Cube maintenance garages
  • BP Center garages, which do sheet metal and repair work
  • Tire Senmonkan tire shops
  • Automobile insurance business
  • G-7 Tsuchiyama Circuit go-kart tracks
  • Yamaya Honpo, stores specializing in taiyaki (fish-shaped pancakes filled with bean jam)
  • Mammaciao laundromats
  • Outdoorshop "FIELDSEVEN" Store development
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Selling quality food products at low, affordable prices

Gyomu Super Business

G-7 Super Mart operates Gyomu Super, a nationwide chain of supermarkets that are used by professional chefs and ordinary consumers alike, and that sell – at affordable prices – safe, reliable, high-quality products ranging from groceries to chopsticks, detergents and other daily necessities, effectively satisfying the needs of the kitchen.

  • Operates Gyomu Super, a nationwide chain
  • Operates Green’s K shops, which provide fresh bentos and prepared foods, and other businesses
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Agricultural product stores that directly link producers and consumers

Businesses Related to
Megumi no Sato

G7 Agri Japan operates Megumi no Sato, markets that sell agricultural products directly to the public, mainly in the Kansai area. By cutting out the middle man, they provide freshly harvested, safe, delicious, healthy farm products directly from producers to consumers.

  • Operates Megumi no Sato, markets that sell agricultural products directly to the public
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Satisfying all motorcycle needs

Bike World Business

G-7 Bike World operates motorcycle specialty shops under its own brand name, Bike World, both in Japan and overseas (Malaysia and Thailand). The shops sell motorcycle supplies, parts and accessories, and provide comprehensive motorcycle services, including maintenance, repair and more.
“There’s no store near me!” For such customers, the company offers its online Rakuten Market Shop. In addition, through a capital tie-up with Bike-O (Bike King), it is collaboratively opening Bike-O motorcycle sales shops, seeking to provide consumers with even greater convenience.


Creating an enjoyable food culture

Select Food Products,
Private Brand Business and Restaurant Business

Select Food Products Business

We will provide information of safe, reliable and delicious foods by collaborating with business partners.

Private Brand Business

Based on the concept of “creating products that are the genuine article,” we are planning, developing and producing safe, reliable and delicious foods.

In order to deliver information about Japanese food materials to overseas markets, we are proactively handling collaborations with Japanese companies.

Restaurant Business

We are operating the popular steak restaurant "Ikinari Steak," which is famous for its delicious and thick steak, as a franchisee.

Sweets Business

We are operating popular sweet stores, "Croquantchou ZakuZaku" and "Ringo" as a franchisee.


A meat specialty company that enhances everyday eating habits

Wholesale, Retail, and Processed Meat Business

With today’s aging population and women’s entry into the working world, eating habits and the food businesses related to them have greatly changed in many ways.
In anticipation of those changes, this company boldly developed a strategy to take advantage of them.
To understand local markets better and deal with them effectively, the company promoted the establishment and activity of company units dedicated to that purpose, and has made rapid progress through flexible management guided by that strategy.


Expanding our Wholesale Processed Meat Business by offering numerous Wagyu brands with an uncompromising focus on quality control

Andes Food Business (launched in July 2020)

We review factors including lineage and meat quality for premium brands of Wagyu beef from some of Japan’s premium beef producing-areas and bid on carefully selected animals ranging from Grade 4 to Special Select Class. Purchased carcasses are deboned, shaped, and cut by exceptional technicians at our Meat Center and then shipped to customers after passing rigorous quality control requirements. Products are available for purchase online for shipment to customers throughout Japan. The business has a high percentage of repeat customers and earns high praise.

株式会社99イチバ miniピアゴ

Consumers’ nearest and most convenient source of delicious flavor

Urban Mini-supermarket Business

miniピアゴ ロゴ

The G-7 Group is bringing Mini Piago, a chain of urban mini-supermarkets, to locations in Kanagawa Prefecture and Tokyo. The stores offer a selection of food and housewares with a focus on single-serving and disposable products that are designed to be simple and convenient in line with the trend toward smaller marketing areas, individual dining, and smaller meals in response to Japan’s declining birthrate and aging population, the growing number of single-person households, and the growing percentage of women in the workforce.
Fresh foods are critical to the success of any supermarket, and Mini Piago outlets will offer such products that are safe, secure, fresh, and delicious at low prices.


This company builds stores. It provides a comprehensive service ranging from proposals for store designs to designing interior furnishings and equipment and performing construction management. As a company that specializes in creating commercial facilities, environments, stores, and other kinds of commercial space, it supports the construction of facilities and stores that will prosper from the start, in every way, in terms of cost performance.

Overseas Business

G-7.CrownTrading.CO.,LTD. G-7.CrownTrading.CO.,LTD.

Overseas Automobile
Export Business

Based on a global network active worldwide, and on relationships of trust with corporations and consumers in various industrial fields, this company sells diverse products and services in Japan, engages in import and export and in three-country trading, invests both in Japan and overseas, and otherwise conducts diverse business activities where it makes use of its wide-ranging capabilities.


Malaysian Car-Related Business

Autobacs and Bike World launched in Malaysia in 2012. Drawing on the Group's expertise and experience gained in the course of doing business in the domestic Japanese market, this was its first all-out entry into the Asian market.
Autobacs and Bike World have a branch each on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur, and in Johor Bahru.

Other Overseas Business


    ●Restaurant"Ikinari Steak" business 1store