G-7 AGRI JAPAN opend “Megumi no Sato Tennodai store”.

Kobe, Japan-A subsidiary of G-7 Holdings Inc., G-7 AGRI JAPAN Co., Ltd., (hereafter G-7 AGRI JAPAN) will open a “Megumi no Sato” in Tennodai Store on 19 May. 2016.

We, “Megumi no Sato”, a house brand farmer’s market, offer fresh, safe and assured agriproducts to the consumers by purchasing directly from the farmers to cutting intermediate margin.
The newly open “Tennodai store” will offer agriproducts such as fresh vegetables, fruits, flowers and rice, as also selected local products from Kanto , Kyoto, Hyogo and Osaka.
We operate 1store in Chiba , 3stores in Osaka ,4 stores in Nara , 1 store in Kyoto ,1 store in Mie and 13 stores in Hyogo including this new store. Megumi no Sato is now operating 23 stores nationwide.
And the first overseas store‘Megumi no Sato BIGBOX store”was opened in Singapore on Apr. 1.


<Store Outline>
1. Name : Megumi no sato Tennoudai store
2. Opening : May 19, 2016
3. Location : 5-1-20 Shibazakidai, abiko-city, CHIBA Japan
4. Contact : TEL.04-7185-6177/FAX.04-7185-6178
5. Sales floor : 42.1m2
6. Business hours : 9:00 to 22:00
7. Holidays : None (except for New Year’s Day)

[Company Profile of G-7 AGRIJAPAN CO. LTD.] (as of May 19, 2016)
Head Office: 3-1-6 Yasakadai, Suma-ku, Kobe, HYOGO 654-0161 Japan
President and Representative Director : Etsuaki Fukuda
Capital :50,000,000 JPY
Business Scope : Chain development of “Megumi no Sato”, farmers’ market
(Total 23 shops in Hyogo, Nara , Kyoto , Mie ,Chiba and Osaka)
Website : http://www.meguminosato.co.jp/

[Inquiries about this release]
Yoshinori Oishi Public Relations, G-7 Holdings, Inc.
TEL: +81-(0)78-797-7707
E-mail : yoshinori.ooishi@g-7holdings.co.jp

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